How To Be Green In The New Year – Part 4

January 7, 2010 / No Comments

Earthmaker 300x300 How To Be Green In The New Year – Part 4

Let’s see, I promised you in Part 3 I would reveal a really hot way of being Green this year. I also led you on and then reneged on that promise since I “ran out of room”.

It was just a sneaky, dirty (pun intended since we were discussing growing vegetables in dirt) way of getting you to read Part 4.

Let me set the table for this one 🙂

Besides seeds, dirt and water, there is another ingredient needed for tasty vegetables: fertilizer. Yes, CO2 is a a needed fertilizer, but there are many more nutrients and minerals needed to grow good veggies.

Starting a garden in pots and boxes with Miracle-Gro is a good start, but you will need more than that. And if you are growing outside, bulk fertilizers are the way to go. Unfortunately, these cost money.

So how do we fertilize and save money?

Here is the hot solution (I bet you thought I would never get to it): composting! Hence the reference to biodegradable compost-able paper plates.

Save all your food scraps, garden materials like weeds (the heat from the composting will kill the weed seeds) and of course your compost-able paper plates!

If you are out in the country you can just start a compost heap on your land away from your and your neighbors houses. Smell is a consideration here. If you so desire, you can add manure from cattle, horses, and the family dog.

A good compost pile can provide a lot of the fertilizer you need.

But what if you live in a more urban setting? There is a solution for that also.

There are many compost devices on the market. A quick internet search found the EarthMaker. It is available for $234.00 (delivered price) from BetterGreenhouses.

Now, tell me; that wait wasn’t so bad, was it?

Oh, and to keep those awful government regulators away, I did not receive any money or product for mentioning the EarthMaker from either the manufacturer or BetterGreenhouses, or anyone else for that matter.. However, if they want to send me some money after the fact, I would graciously accept the money.