Mobile Phone Concept Runs on Sugary Drinks

January 7, 2010 / 1 Comment

sugar powered mobile 1 Mobile Phone Concept Runs on Sugary Drinks

This concept mobile phone from designer Daizi Zheng would help in greatly reducing electronic waste, and even bring a smile to the faces of cola manufacturers, if it ever gets built, that is. For its power, the mobile phone utilizes soda, or any other kind of sugary liquid that is rich in carbohydrates. A bio battery is what makes this possible, and this goes on to imply that conventional batteries, which quickly turn to mounds of electronic waste, and use up a lot of natural resources and electricity may pose less of a problem.

The bio battery uses enzymes as catalysts to generate electricity from carbohydrates. This electricity can then feed the device. By-products of this reaction are water and oxygen, both of which would be more than welcome. Moreover, a bio battery can operate for nearly three to four times longer than a conventional lithium battery on a single charge, and be fully biodegradable once the life cycle is complete.

sugar powered mobile 2 Mobile Phone Concept Runs on Sugary Drinks

Source: PSFK