Scientists Call for a Stop to Mountaintop Removal Mining

January 7, 2010 / 1 Comment

20100107 mountaintop removal billboard Scientists Call for a Stop to Mountaintop Removal Mining

Recently, the EPA approved of the removal of some mountaintops for the purpose of opening new coal mines. The only condition is that enough steps are taken to ensure minimal damage. However, Science magazine published a new article in which twelve scientists from various US-based institutions have expressed strong disagreement and disappointment in the decision.

The article, titled “Mountaintop Mining Consequences”, they explain that, in their view, nothing could ever justify destroying a mountaintop, and this is a practice that needs to stop once and for all.

In the article, it’s explained that similar procedures have never been done in a way that makes their effects reversable, and that wherever this has been done, mountaintops were destroyed forever.

The scientists urge politicians to finally adopt modern methods for energy production and stop destroying the environment so brutally. We can’t help but agree with them, seeing as how nature is slowly being destroyed for the needs of today’s politicians.

[ Via Treehugger ]