Control4 Prepares Networked Home Energy Control System

January 8, 2010 / No Comments

control4 Control4 Prepares Networked Home Energy Control System

Control4 have ventured into the home energy management market lately, and this caused utilities to seek partnership with them, due to their experience with home networking. The company produces home automation software, and displayed the Energy Management System 100 at CES 2010.

The system combines a Zigbee-enabled thermostat with a touchscreen energy controller, so you can view energy data about your home and access various other applications as well. It’s set to be completed in April.

The company was contacted by utilities, because there’s already a good retail channel to distribute the home media networks, and also, Control4’s technology can be easily upgraded with new features over the course of a few years.

The EMS aims at helping people minimize their energy use by seeing data about what sucks up the most power, Consumers can also take part in energy efficiency programs where they can agree to, for example, raise the air conditioner’s thermostat for 20 minutes, as well as various other similar programs.

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