H&M and Wal-Mart Destroy and Dump Unneeded Clothes

January 8, 2010 / 4 Comments

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What would you expect two of US’s largest retail chains, H&M and Wal-Mart, to do with merchandise they don’t need anymore – to be specific, clothes? Any normal person’s first reply would be “donate them to a charity”, or “sell them at huge discounts”. So how does “tear them up so noone can use them and throw them out in the back alley” sound to you? Well, it’s true, sadly.

In a report by the New York times, it’s been revealed that the two store chains simply stuffed their unneeded clothing merchandise in garbage bags and dumped them in the streets. And to prevent someone from finding and keeping them, the clothes have been destroyed – sleeves cut off from coats, shoes with sliced bottoms, and whetever else you could imagine.

While Melissa Hill, spokeswoman for Wal-Mart, at least attempted to sound surprised by claiming she had no idea that this was being done, H&M simply said “we’ll stop doing it” – not even a public apology or anything else to indicate they’re embarassed. Do they seriously not see the huge amounts of wrongness in their actions?

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  • jo

    While I agree that both places are sorely remiss in their actions, how is it better to (assumedly) feign surprise than to state that a change will be made? “We’re doing that, we’ll change it” to me is far better than “Oh my, we had no idea!”.
    The point isn’t to have the corporations kiss our collective behind, rather it should be to for them to admit their mistakes and correct them.
    Also, the NYT has followed up that H&M is vowing to make sure this practice ends while Wal-Mart is going to “look into it.”

  • http://www.westminsterco-realestate.com Adrian

    Why can’t they donate these clothes to the poor? It is ridiculous to hear this kind of news.

  • Daniel Smothers

    I won’t be back to Wal-Mart/H&M

  • http://www.chiropracticmarketingsecret.com DrKeithCurrie

    Everything can do human except alive forever. Let us wait to see what more waiting for us.