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January 8, 2010 / No Comments

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For years there has been a push to control pollution, and the United States has made the most progress of any country in the world. The technology developed here is nearly beyond belief.

Lakes that were once cesspools are now thriving with fish and clean. Our air is the cleanest in the world. I worked at a semiconductor plant down in Santa Cruz years ago, and the air coming out of the exhaust stack was actually cleaner than the air on the outside due to highly advanced air scrubbers.

Noise pollution has improved. Cars are quieter. Home theaters and sound systems have gotten louder, but advances in soundproofing keep the noise inside.

Despite all of this, there has arose groups dedicated to complain about the noise levels from automobiles. These groups are doing everything the can to increase our noise pollution!

I know there are those of you out there that may think I am enjoying too many adult beverages while writing, but that is not the case. They really are asking to increase our daily noise pollution, and the reason is that we have done too good a job in decreasing our noise output!

You don’t believe me? You should. You see, the new hybrid cars are TOO QUIET. (How do you like the SHOUTING about the quiet?)

Cyclists listening to their iPods while peddling along would definitely not hear the approaching hybrid. Even a cyclist without the earbuds in place would have a hard time hearing today’s hybrids approaching, unless they were on a gravel road.

Blind people, who heavily rely on their hearing to navigate their way around the cities and towns cannot hear these hybrids, now turned into silent and deadly machines. In fact, the National Federation for the Blind is lobbying for laws requiring the car companies to make the hybrid cars that pollute more, with sound, of course.

Unfortunately, the technology to solve this technology was not developed in the United States.  It took a company from Great Britain to do it.

A solution is at hand! Lotus, the high-performance car maker, knows how to make noise. They have designed some of the worlds most powerful cars and their engines have that sweet, powerful sound that thumps your chest. You can’t miss that!

Lotus has designed a system called “Safe and Sound” that makes the super-quiet hybrids sound just like a normal car. It has a waterproof speaker mounted in the front of the car so the driver and passengers will not hear much of an increase of sounds, but people on the outside will definitely know.

The the Safe and Sound sound system even sounds like it is accelerating and decelerating – just like a normal internal combustion engine. Lotus installed the system inside a Toyota Prius for demonstration purposes.

There is no estimate on how much this gadget costs, but I have a more inexpensive solution that only comes from life experience. Take a baseball card and clip it to the car so it rubs on the spokes of your expensive wire wheels. You will get that thrup-thrup-thrup-thrup-thrup-thrup sound like we used to have riding our bicycles when we were kids.

Notes: I just had to cross-post this on and since it covers a gadget and is an accessory for a green thing.

Due to the recent public disclosure laws in the United States, I have to state that I have received nothing from Apple or Lotus for this aricle. I already own an iPod, but would accept the latest and greatest iPod they have after the fact. I would also not turn down a Lotus either. I’ll even take a used, er, a previously-owned one! Even a powder-blue Lotus with mid-board engine and the industrial-strength clutch (hint, hint).