Discarded Cardboard Boxes Sculpted Into a Lamborghini

January 11, 2010 / 4 Comments

lamborghini cardboard sculpture Discarded Cardboard Boxes Sculpted Into a Lamborghini

Supermarkets everywhere through out a lot of cardboard boxes every day. So, finding “raw material” could not have been a problem for artist/ designer Florian Pugnaire. His artwork titled “freeway storage” uses these discarded cardboard boxes as the building material, and transforms those discarded boxes into the iconic shape of a Lamborghini.

The cardboard boxes don’t really make it easy to figure what car it really is, but the general shape undoubtedly speaks the Lamborghini design language. The artwork acts as a reminder for us, that the large number of such boxes discarded everyday are in good condition to work for a lot more time, and even if they aren’t the recycling center is a better place than the landfill. Another obvious indicator is the wasteful packaging that most manufacturers employ.

lamborghini cardboard sculpture2 Discarded Cardboard Boxes Sculpted Into a Lamborghini

Pugnaire’s Lamborghini replica sculpture is devoid of any wheels, and I can’t help thinking that it would have looked a lot better with cardboard wheels, but a Lambo on wheels would have been more difficult to build.

Source: Ecofriend and Designboom