Nature Rescue: The Art of Saving the Environment

January 12, 2010 / 1 Comment

nature rescue1 Nature Rescue: The Art of Saving the Environment

Finnish artist Ilkka Halso takes a view of the “journey” of nature, from a self sustained process to something which has to be protected now. And his art does carry forward the message in a very thought provocative manner. The central theme of his “Restoration” series is healing and rescuing our natural environment.

For effect, the artist uses pseudo-scientific arrangements to show trees in a mending or healing process. The most used arrangement is scaffolding trees or plants with a scaffolding gauze, and then illuminating the arrangement to bring out implied parallels with the world of medicine, or even building restoration.

Images are captured during the night for maximum effect. Another series by the artist “Museum of Nature” shows nature being rescued, rather than healed. Here, he uses entire landscapes, and puts them into glass pavilions. The intention is to show nature conserved, in a museum. Both series will be on display in an exhibition at Galerie Wagner + Partner.

Via: Designboom