Revenge Adds an Utopian Green Twist to the Verde Supercar

January 13, 2010 / 1 Comment

revenge verde supercar Revenge Adds an Utopian Green Twist to the Verde Supercar

Unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show, the Verde supercar from Revenge motors claims to provide supercar performance, while going slightly easy on the environment. Effectively producing a supercar that can be branded environmentally friendly is easier said than done, but Revenge claims a fantastical (utopian?) efficiency of 110mpg.

And when those fuel efficiency figures come from a powerful V8 engine, it is a near impossible thing to believe.

Revenge says the fantastical fuel efficiency comes from their Hp2g Hybrid drivetrain option, which seems to be so awesome that it can make a 400hp V8 a fuel sipper running on E85.

The body is mostly aluminum and carbon fiber, and weighs in at 3500 pounds. Expected zero to 60mph time would be between three to five seconds, depending upon the engine chosen, while the top speed could be anything between 200mph to 240mph.

According to Revenge, the $190,000 supercar will be on the streets by the end of this year. If they really can make a fuel efficient supercar with those specs, we have a winner here.

Source: Autoblog Green

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    I love that color. How much do you think that they will start retailing for?