Tafoni Floating Homes Proposes Eco Houseboats

January 13, 2010 / No Comments

tafoni houseboats 1 Tafoni Floating Homes Proposes Eco Houseboats

Tafoni Floating Homes is an idea that would keep you in sort of a holiday mood, throughout the day. The idea is to take housing to the water, living in houseboats that are mobile, don’t use land and so don’t require implied expenses and constructions like foundations. And the way designer Joanna Borek Clement envisions them, they’re also very beautiful.

The houseboats will be divided into three major portions, the living room area would be put up front, followed by the kitchen and bedroom area, while the closet and toilet area would come last. Big windows in the design not only provide space for ample natural light, but also provide a great space to enjoy the scenery outside.
tafoni houseboats 2 Tafoni Floating Homes Proposes Eco Houseboats

Tafoni houseboats have been designed in a way that makes mass production suitable, which should be good for both, the pocket and to some extent, the environment. The design was specifically created for those living at the Sausalito houseboat district of California.

Source: Tuvie