RCA Airnergy Generates Power From Wi-Fi Signals

January 14, 2010 / 3 Comments

rca airnergy RCA Airnergy Generates Power From Wi Fi Signals

The RCA Airnergy comes across as a smart device that utilizes power of the Wi-Fi signal, in a way generating “wireless energy.” The RCA Airnergy is a USB-connected device that gets into action as soon as it detects a WiFi signal, and then stores the energy it generates into an included Lithium ion battery.

You can then use this battery to power gadgets like mobile phones and music players. Those frequenting WiFi hotspots can get a dose of energy easily. As you’d guess, the battery’s recharging time depends upon the strength of the WiFi signal. The company’s spokesman however, maintains that a BlackBerry can be fully charged at 30% power using ambient signals. And the process would take around 90 minutes.

The Airnergy “power harvester” will probably be the first device of its kind to put the technology into commercial use. It is expected to hit stores later this year, with an affordable price tag of $40.

Source: Inhabitat