Biking is in the Air, Quite Literally

January 15, 2010 / No Comments

kolelinia concept 1 Biking is in the Air, Quite Literally

A lot of people would complain about insufficient bike lanes, and many others would complain about bike lanes eating into roads. Designer Martin Angelov proposes to do away with the problem, by taking the bikes off the road. And by off the road, he means into the air, on a system supported by cables. Yes, that’s what the Kolelinia concept is about.

According to the design, the bike’s wheels are supported on a half pipe, while there are cables to support the biker and the bike. These cables are supposed to hook to the bike’s handles for added safety. As an additional safety measure, there are carabiners and harnesses to go along the cables.

In theory, the design provides us with bike lanes where it would otherwise be unsafe or not feasible to draw such lanes. Practically though, this doesn’t seem to have much merit. I’m all for biking, but this concept somehow, seems not only difficult to implement, but also unsafe.

Source: ArchDaily and Forever Geek