BOA Floating City Proposed for Boston

January 15, 2010 / 1 Comment

Boston Arcology 1 BOA Floating City Proposed for Boston

BOA is an ambitious and expensive project, the likes of which you’d expect to originate from the Middle East. Not this one though, the Boston Arcology Urban Housing design is, as the name suggests, intended for Boston. The floating structure will be built on the proportions of the golden ratio 1:1.618.

It will house 15,000 people and include residential, office and commercial spaces, there are plans for a museum and a new city hall as well. Three main towers in the high rise structure will each have a sky garden after 30 floors. Boa has been designed as an all-pedestrian environment and only a select few horizontal areas will have moving walkways and/or electric train carriers.

Going further on the environment front, the structure will have facilities like wind turbines, fresh water recovery and storage systems, passive glazing system, sky garden heating/cooling vents, gray water treatment, solar array banding panels, and harbor based water turbines. The design by E. Kevin Schopfer will be carbon neutral and will also seek LEED certification.

Source: YankoDesign