CT&T Unveils Electric Multi Amphibious Vehicle

January 18, 2010 / No Comments

ctt amphibious electric vehicle1 CT&T Unveils Electric Multi Amphibious Vehicle

Korean EV company CT&T unveiled the impressive Multi Amphibious Vehicle at the Detroit Auto Show. The six-wheeled electric amphibious vehicle can seat four and move on land at a top speed of 40mph. In water however, the vehicle loses it and goes all out at 95mph. The top speed on water figure does look over the top, and it most likely is; that probably is a translation mistake somewhere, and apparently this amphibian does a more believable 10mph on water.

The Multi Amphibious Vehicle isn’t some heavyweight though. It is a fairly lightweight vehicle that would compare to a golf buggy. Clearly though, it is much more than a golf buggy, and actually can provide not just an efficient, environment friendly drive, but also a way to break past traffic jams.
ctt amphibious electric vehicle2 CT&T Unveils Electric Multi Amphibious Vehicle

The breaking past traffic jams part suits those who have accessible rivers nearby; provided there isn’t a traffic jam waiting for the amphibians in water.

Source: FastCompany