Five Year Phone Concept is a Friend of the Environment

January 19, 2010 / No Comments

nokia five year phone concept Five Year Phone Concept is a Friend of the Environment

E-waste, or electronic waste is a big environmental problem for our gadget crazy world. A large chunk of this waste comes from mobile phones. Designer James Barber’s Nokia 5 Year Phone concept seeks to reduce that problem, by having a phone made of 85% recyclable components.

The plastic on the green phone (quite literally a green phone) can be melted, re-molded and reused without any discoloration. According to the designer, for a mobile phone used for 2 years, the energy used in manufacturing, transporting, and other activities for the device can be as high as three times of what the phone used in its lifetime.

It is indeed a very interesting concept, but what it lacks is real world practical use. If all people actually used there gadgets or mobile phones for five years, the e-waste problem wouldn’t have been as serious as it is now. For most of the part, the phones rarely last past a couple of years, and make way for new technology. A mechanism to include the same in the existing device would be sweet. The second big problem is that the phone is so ugly that finding takers would be difficult.

Source: Yanko Design