Intel Joining the Home Energy Management Market

January 19, 2010 / No Comments

 Intel Joining the Home Energy Management Market

Home energy management seems to be quite a popular subject for development lately, as indicated by the projects launched by companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft – and now Intel too. They’ve recently launched a website based around one of their latest concepts, aimed at energy-conscious home consumers.

Intel’s project is called the Home Dashboard Concept, which is a touchscreen device used to control the energy in your home. It will use an Atom processor, and will support video recording so family members can exchange messages – and even browse the Internet with the appropriate applications.

Intel are confident that computers will advance into home use much more beyond the desktop computer, and this is just one step towards the inevitable future.

One thing’s worrying about all this – with so many companies venturing into the home energy management business at once, the market may get a bit too flooded with products – but let’s hope this won’t happen.

[ Via CNET ]