OfficePOD Works Well for Home/Work Arrangements

January 20, 2010 / No Comments

officepod OfficePOD Works Well for Home/Work Arrangements

The OfficePOD promises a green work environment while in the luxury of your own home. As its name makes it amply clear, the pod is for those who work from home, but would like a more “professional” environment. Which, to me sounds like getting a cube to work in, even while at home.

And you better have a lot of money if you want this pod, it costs more than $24,400 to own, without including VAT and installation charges. Manufacturers of the cubicle are located in the UK and promise installation in less than 12 weeks, with the setup taking a day.

The OfficePOD was designed to score great on environment. It was created with eyes on highest rating under the Energy Performance Certificate scheme as well as under the BREEAM rating program. The pod includes an integrated desk, storage, LED lighting, window blinds, and a lock. Also, it has the looks to really make you desire one.

Source: Jetson Green