Masdar City Starts Testing Autonomous Pod Cars

January 25, 2010 / No Comments

masdar city pod cars Masdar City Starts Testing Autonomous Pod Cars

Being built in the UAE, near Abu Dhabi, Masdar City will be quite a futuristic city when completed. The futuristic city is supposed to zero carbon, zero waste and car-free city. Efficient transport though is a very important part of any city, so the car-free Masdar will employ all-electric autonomous pod cars in place of conventional cars.

The autonomous pods being tested are built by Dutch company “To Get There.” Since there is no driver, the pod cars will make use of RFID and sensors to reach their destination while avoiding any accidents with other pod cars or people. Currently, a dozen of these vehicles are on test. Eight cars are standard units, there are two VIP pod cars and another are two freight vehicles.

Batteries for these vehicles will be charged by other batteries placed at spots on the road-side. These batteries, in turn, will have the full opportunity of capturing solar power of the hot desert sun.

Source: Autoblog Green