DIY: Salvaged Materials Create A Meditation Temple

January 26, 2010 / No Comments

meditation temple from salvaged material DIY: Salvaged Materials Create A Meditation Temple

The Meditation Temple could be your personal abode away from the stress of the world, but very much in your own backyard. You could think, reflect or meditate in this little piece of micro architecture, or maybe just enjoy moments of solitude. This one person meditation temple may not look as cool as the OfficePOD, but then it isn’t designed for the same purpose. Also, while the OfficePOD will set you back by a good 25 grands, the Meditation Temple only has a one-time cost of $28 and is built entirely out of salvaged materials.

Created by Aaron Westgate, the Meditation Temple has a shingled rooftop made from hand-flattened corrugated galvanized steel . The conical cover comes from tension-reinforced rafter-tail cutoffs, while chunks of 2x4s create the walls. All this material was discarded, and the $28 cost is all from the money spent on fasteners. A little creativity can go a long way, and look cool all along.

Source: Inhabitat