SmartFish Aircraft to be an Efficient, Long-Range Flier

January 26, 2010 / No Comments

smart fish SmartFish Aircraft to be an Efficient, Long Range Flier

The people at Smart Fish have been working on an efficient, long range aircraft that would combine desirables like space, speed, efficiency, ease of use and lower costs. Considering what they are promising, and going by the figures on their website, the SmartFish aircraft could stir a revolution in the aircraft industry.

Ranging from UAVs to jets that can accomodate 20 passengers, these aircrafts would be able to attain speeds up to 0.85 mach, and have a range of nearly 10,000km (3100 miles). Its design may be unconventional, but it looks good and according to its creators, the aircrafts will have a lower manufacturing cost as compared to conventional airplanes due to a reduced part count, lower operation and maintenance costs, and lower fuel consumption and CO2 emission.

The efficient aircraft has undergone preliminary wind tunnel tests and scale model flight, and has come back with positive results. The next step is a SmartFish proof of concept, which is being worked upon by the Smart Fish team and a number of aerospace companies.

Source: SmartFish, Dvice