Wind Plays Music on the Winduino

January 26, 2010 / No Comments

winduino ii Wind Plays Music on the Winduino

The Winduino II is an instrument from the Fascination Workshop, and it utilizes the power of the sun and the wind to create music. It can be placed indoors or hung outdoors, and the instrument will start off with its surprizing musician, the air. Piezo sensors in the instrument detect the movement of air around the Winduino II, and they can be adjusted for sensitivity by using the vellum coverings on its sides.

Solar panels on top of the instrument capture energy from the sun and charge a built-in lithium ion battery. LEDs on the instrument show when it is powered on, or charging. The Winduino could be likened to a more technological brother of the wind chimes, but this wind played instrument is way more than those simple, hollow tubes of metal, and is quite unique in application.

The solar panels admittedly don’t generate enough power for the instrument to keep running. So, it can also be charged by USB or wall wart.

Source: Fascination Workshop, Make