Sprinkle Dress: Go Insane Watering the Dress You Wear

January 27, 2010 / No Comments

sprinkle dress Sprinkle Dress: Go Insane Watering the Dress You Wear

Sprinkle Dress has to be somewhere near the top of the Insane Eco Fashion mountain, a look at it, and you know why. Many innovative designers have added living plants to clothing accessories, or jewelry. Designer Linda Schailon, though went an extra mile to create a dress that is more about living plants than about the dress itself.

Sprinkle Dress has a full garden-wire skirt, on which are embedded discarded yogurt containers. Each of these containers is full of live plants, and well, that also means you have to regularly water the plants and take care of them. In any case, the perpetual weight you carry with the dress ought to give you a nice workout and a deformed posture.

The designer was inspired by her childhood princess facilities to create the dress. These fantasies involved “hedges of hawthorn adorned with jewels” and “caressing the grass under the hot sun.” That is what resulted into bringing “nature to oneself,” and the creation of the Sprinkle Dress.

Source: Ecouterre