Designer Philippe Starck Wants Wind Turbines to Look Better

January 28, 2010 / No Comments

revolutionair turbines Designer Philippe Starck Wants Wind Turbines to Look Better

Apparently, many people are unwilling to setup wind turbines because of none too flattering looks of these wind turbines. Famous designer Philippe Starck has created options for such people, and the options are two good looking wind turbines.

Starck introduced the turbines saying that “Energy should not be a punishment, we should create a desire (among people to produce it).” These sleek Revolutionair turbines were created after two years of work, and will be manufactured by Italian company Pramac. The turbines are intended for home use, and to spread the green message further.

While impressive, the turbines look more symbolic than useful, and perhaps a case of form over function. One of the turbines introduced is the quadrangular 400W WT model, whose name also gives out its power output of 400 Watts; this model will sell for 2,500 euros. The other is a helicoidal shaped turbine with an output of 1kw, and similarly named 1KW WT; it will have a pricetag of 3,500 euros. Clearly, not a huge output, but if shape is all you want, the Revolutionair turbines have the answer.

Source: Reuters