Student Housing Made From 100 Recycled Shipping Containers

January 28, 2010 / 2 Comments

shipping container housing Student Housing Made From 100 Recycled Shipping Containers

French architectural firm Olgga Architects has designed a housing complex for students. The housing complex will be built out of recycled shipping containers stacked one on top of the other. Each of these containers will function as an individual room for a student.

Located in Le Havre, France, the project intends to make use of 100 recycled containers, stacked in a somewhat pyramidal arrangement. From what it appears in the images, one side of the container will function as the entrance, and will have connecting stairs and platforms to reach the entrance.

The project is named Crou, and will be spread over an area of 30,700 square feet on the school campus. It is an interesting design, and appears to be a well designed project. What would be interesting to see is how the architects deal with the problem of noise that would be inherent to this all metal structure. But there should be a way to take care of that in the 4.45 million euro budget this has.

Source: Designboom