Designers Propose Giant Solar Roof for Seoul

January 29, 2010 / No Comments

seoul green roof Designers Propose Giant Solar Roof for Seoul

Designers have a way of coming up with very innovative, and sometimes, difficult to implement ideas. But then ideas are what bring innovation. South Korean designers SAMOO have come up with an interesting plan that proposes a giant, 131 acre green roof over a part of Seoul.

The site is the run-down Garak Wholesale Market, which will be renovated as a modern center and also be given a green roof for an environmental touch. The roof will serve as a public garden that will provide an open green place for the residents.

Renovating the center will also include giving it a new layout, as the current poorly designed layout leads to problems like traffic congestion and bad odors.
seoul green roof2 Designers Propose Giant Solar Roof for Seoul
The renovation will also add energy saving features to the commercial center, “ecotubes” that will move through the center and channel daylight, and a layout to keep adverse smells away, or at least have them localized to a certain area.

Source: Inhabitat