Soccer Ball Makes Energy Generation as Exciting as Play

February 1, 2010 / No Comments

soccket Soccer Ball Makes Energy Generation as Exciting as Play

Soccer is the most popular game in the world, and now it’s one that will add fun to generating energy. The fun energy generation part is up to the sOccket ball, a soccer ball that can generate energy. Intended for use in Africa, about 15 minutes of play with the ball will generate enough electricity to power an LED light for 3 hours, or to charge electronic gadgets.

The sOccket, will be a little different than the standard ball used in the game. But the difference can be compensated by the advantages it offers. Still in the prototype stage, sOccket uses an inductive coil mechanism, like the one used in shake-to-charge flashlights.

Soccer is very popular in Africa, and the primary way to get lights for many homes there is to burn kerosene lamps. The LED lights this ball will power may substantially reduce the use of these lamps, and the health hazards that come with burning kerosene indoors.

Source: Discovery