Ekokook Concept Paints Kitchens in Green

February 2, 2010 / No Comments

ekokook Ekokook Concept Paints Kitchens in Green

Its ridiculous name aside, the Ekokook concept would have you working hard in the kitchen, to get rid of the waste. Designed by Faltazi, the concept fights solid, liquid and organic waste to make the kitchen more of an environmentally friendly place.

Dealing with solid waste would require brute force. You put odorless waste like glass, paper, plastic and metal into bins provided for each, and then get a little workout while you smash down each of these to the minimal size using your muscle power. A steel ball breaks glass, a screw deals with metal and bottles, and a shredder-crusher combo shreds paper and turns it into briquettes.

A double sink in the kitchen handles the liquid waste (water). The second sink gets water from which grease has been filtered, and sends it to two pitchers. This can then be used for watering household plants or other similar purposes.

Organic waste like food scrapings is handled by earthworms. The bin rotates slightly every day, and the worms feast on the waste to create lumbri compost in three months. Hopefully, there’s a good way to keep those worms in the bin, and to handle the gases that would be released from composting.

Source: YankoDesign