Roots: Furniture Created From Plant Roots

February 3, 2010 / No Comments

roots Roots: Furniture Created From Plant Roots

Designer Kai Linke has plans to create very unique furniture, and that from the use of plant roots. In fact, Kai Linke’s furniture will be made from plant roots, and hence, the name Roots. Creating furniture involves cultivating fast growing plants like grass, bulbs and bamboo.

As these plants grow, their roots are channeled into furniture (chair) shaped molds. Gradually, the roots fill up the entire mold, at which point, the mold can be removed and what is left is the furniture made from roots. As of now, the project is in its initial stages, and miniature molds are used.
roots2 Roots: Furniture Created From Plant Roots

The designer hopes that the long term project will finally result in full size chairs made of roots. An obvious reason for this being a long term project is that the roots will take substantial time in completely filling a full sized chair mold.

Creations from the designer were displayed at Cologne 2010.

Source: Dezeen