Spray-on Liquid Glass is a Cure for Many Troubles

February 3, 2010 / No Comments

SiO2 ultra thin layering Spray on Liquid Glass is a Cure for Many Troubles

From the way things seem, the spray-on liquid glass, or the “SiO2 ultra-thin layering” is quite a magical thing. Created by Turkey’s Saarbrücken Institute for New Materials, and patented by Nanopool, the coating is a very thin film of glass; just about 100 nanometers thick.

It is non-toxic and free from nano-particles, resins or additives, with just the quantum forces holding molecules in the coating together. This coating could potentially protect almost any surface from water, UV radiation, dirt, heat, and bacterial infections. This means the applications are nearly endless, from agriculture where it protects plants and seeds, to sterilization, and even protecting clothing from stains.

They haven’t given out a whole lot of details on the creation/ constitution of this layering, but it has Silicon dioxide from quartz sand added to water and ethanol, and a mystery process that finally yields the thin layering. The material is already undergoing tests or having trial uses at a number of places, and if it really is the magical creation that it appears to be, it is soon going to be everywhere.

Source: TreeHugger