French Town Heats Pools With Sewage

February 9, 2010 / No Comments

french town heating pools with sewage French Town Heats Pools With Sewage

The town of Levallois-Perret, near Paris in France has come up with a new way to heat water in pools; they use heat from sewage to do that. Sewage in the town’s pipes averages to a temperature of nearly 68 Fahrenheit, and Sophie Deschiens, the town’s Environment Councilwoman thought it was a bad idea to let all that go waste. She looked for solutions, and finally found a way to channel that heat into the town’s pools.

A series of stainless steel plates filled with a heat trapping liquid were attached to the sewage pipes. The heat that these plates gain can then be transfered to the pools. The pools, spas, and jacuzzis in the town’s new aquatic center, are all heated by this mechanism. The project cost $650,000 to implement, and is hoped to recover its costs in a decade.

Savings on the environmental front though, are huge. The town’s energy costs have gone down by 24%, and its green house emissions have been slashed by 66%.

Source: Fast Company