Gyre Floating Structure to go Deep Into Water

February 9, 2010 / No Comments

gyre concept 1 Gyre Floating Structure to go Deep Into Water

The Gyre concept is a floating structure that may look a bit flat at the top, but it does go deep into the water. It is designed to be an “underwater skyscraper,” only, the skyscraper part begins at the water surface and goes deep into the water. Created by Zigloo, the underwater skyscraper would go nearly 400 meters into the water; for comparison, that is roughly the same height as the Empire State building.

It will have a total floor area of nearly 212,000 square feet. Four arms extend from the central spire, forming a somewhat circular shape with a diameter of 1.25 kilometers. The designers say that this would be a great place for recreation, shops, restaurants, and for researchers planning to study the marine life. The tower also includes residential and office complexes.
gyre concept 2 Gyre Floating Structure to go Deep Into Water

Huge as the project may seem, it will also be entirely off-grid. Designers believe that the Gyre should be able to harness all required energy from the solar panels, vertical wind turbines on radial arms, and underwater turbines to collect power from ocean currents.

Source: Inhabitat