Corky Mouse Generates Power From Its Use

February 10, 2010 / No Comments

corky 1 Corky Mouse Generates Power From Its Use

A computer mouse functions by movements and clicks, and the Corky Mouse is no different. This mouse though, powers itself from its usage; every movement, click, and roll of the scroll wheel generates power to keep the mouse going. The design from Adele Peters is to be constructed from 100% recycled plastic, and where possible, it will use recycled and biodegradable cork. It is, of course, the use of cork that gives it the name, and the unique texture the mouse has.

The wireless mouse will rely on piezoelectric elements to generate power for its use. The technology as such, is available and has made an appearance in some watches. The challenge here will be to scale it for use in the mouse, and manage to keep the product cost effective. Regional sourcing and assembly, product take-back and recycling and availability of disassembly data to recycling centers are all integral parts of the design. The corky mouse is a contestant in the Greener Gadgets Design Competition.

Source: Inhabitat