Soular Backpacks Show Fondness of their Solar Connection

February 11, 2010 / No Comments

soular backpacks Soular Backpacks Show Fondness of their Solar Connection

There are a number of solar bags around, but most of them would rather keep the solar panels “stylishly concealed.” Well, these Soular Powers Back-Up bags from Neon Green have no such inhibitions, and they show off their photovoltaic panels with pride, not to mention that it would have been rather tough to hide those giant solar panels anyway.

The basic theory is the same, solar panels capture energy from the sun, store the energy into provided batteries and later use the same to charge your gadgets. The way things look, there is quite a range of these bags in the offing, which would mean the availability in a variety of shapes, colors and designs to suit a large portion of the demographic.

The range includes a “Centruian” backpack which has a number of compartments, including a dedicated one for the laptop. Capsoul backpack is a 3-in-1 system that can be transformed into a shoulder bag, or hand carrying case, even the solar panels are detachable. Third in line is the Piggyback messenger bag, followed by a Piggy Back Soular Back-up Pack that can attach to any backpack and harvest solar energy.

Source: Gizmodo, ChipChick