Harvest Project has Chairs and Tables Made From Flowers

February 15, 2010 / No Comments

harvest project Harvest Project has Chairs and Tables Made From Flowers

A few days back, we saw Roots furniture, designer Kai Linke’s attempt to create furniture from plant roots. Well, designer Asif Khan has a somewhat similar, but more flowery approach to furniture with his Harvest Project. This installation of chairs and tables is on show at the Design Museum, London as a part of the “Designers In Residence” program. And as is visible, the furniture is made from freeze-dried flowers.

The designer used the Gypsophila plant for the furniture. The plant is commonly found in London, and its natural ability to interlock makes it all the more suited for use in creating these chairs and tables. Harvested plants are put into moulds and freeze dried for several weeks, allowing them to attain a more stable form. After this process, they are bonded using a linseed oil based resin.

As a starting point for the project, the designer wanted to highlight the use of London’s plant wealth as a raw material for everyday products.

Source: Dezeen