Porsche Unveils 911 GT3 R Hybrid

February 15, 2010 / No Comments

porsche 911 gt3 r hybrid Porsche Unveils 911 GT3 R Hybrid

Porsche has announced that it will unveil a 911 GT3 R hybrid at the Geneva Motor Show. The unveiling of the car happens to coincide with the world’s first car with hybrid drive that was developed by Ferdinand Porsche 110 years ago. Developed specially for racing, the new hybrid drive will be different than thos conventionally employed in cars.

It will have an electric front axle drive with two electric motors, each providing the car with 60kW. The electric motors will work with the strong 480-bhp four-liter V6 engine placed at the car’s rear. Moreover, the car will not have any batteries, that role will be taken by a flywheel generator placed next to the driver. Moving at 40,000 rpm, this generator will supply the motors with the energy they need. Interestingly, the generator will be charged with the application of brakes, during which, the motors will themselves turn into generators to power the flywheel.

The additional power from the flywheel will be available for 6-8 seconds after it has been fully charged. Now this may not look like a lot, but hybrids are atleast making good inroads into conventional racing.

Source: SeriousWheels