GE, Hitachi Want Fuel From Nuclear Waste

February 18, 2010 / No Comments

nuclear fuel GE, Hitachi Want Fuel From Nuclear Waste

The world is now actively considering nuclear energy as a power source, and a number of new reactors are now planned across the world. With all the wonderful energy that these reactors produced, comes the big trouble aka radioactive waste. Handling this waste is no easy job, and it takes thousands of years for the waste to become safe through radioactive decay. General Electric and Hitachi have proposed a process by which this radioactive waste could be put to work creating energy.

The process involves seperating the waste into three streams. One of the streams is waste material that needs to be stored underground for hundreds of years, second is uranium for the deuterium uranium reactors, and finally, a mixture fo plutonium and neptunium that can be used as fuel for reactors using liquid sodium as coolant.

There are associated problems though. Deuterium Uranium reactors are located only in Canada, and the USA has yet to approve molten-sodium cooled reactors. In any case, the process does merit serious consideration.

Source: Inhabitat