Artist Adds Colors to Nature

February 19, 2010 / No Comments

decorating nature Artist Adds Colors to Nature

Nature is full of colors, be it plain or vivid, it’s all there. Artist Norm Magnusson however, has found his skill in adding colors, or decoration to nature. While the idea of “decorating nature” is ambiguous and may well be termed an exercise in futility, it still seems to be a bit interesting and it does make for some intriguing pictures.

The artist is based in a rural town near Woodstock, New York, and he uses nature as his canvass. Magnusson’s work isn’t tough to notice, for nature is “decorated” in colors different from the natural surroundings. Fallen leaves in bright colors and stripes against a brown background are tough to miss, and stones with colored patterns stand out from the rest.

The idea behind the series is deep. Magnusson intends to explore the relation humans have with nature, and our desire to use nature the way we see fit, and the desire to bring order to spontaenity of nature.

Source: Decorating Nature, Designboom