Scientists Make Plastic Sweet, Easily Compostable

February 19, 2010 / No Comments

sugar plstic Scientists Make Plastic Sweet, Easily Compostable

Plastics are evil, big villians in every environment story. They are made from fossil fuels, refuse to biodegrade for centuries, and the modern lifestyle ensures that mountains of plastic are produced every year. Nearly 150 million tons of plastic is produced every year, and 99% of that is made from fossil fuels. There are plant based plastics like PLA out there, and though this one is made from corn, it still requires fossil fuels at various levels, and doesn’t really compost easily. Scientists at Imperial College London appear to have made this wasteful product a bit sweeter.

Researchers have found a way to create plastic from sugar. Or more specifically, using a polymer extracted from glucose in trees and grasses. Researchers say the source of the plasic are fast growing non-food crops, and they don’t require a small area could produce a large amount of plastic. Also, the process is less energy intensive and the plastic would biodegrade in a few months. The new plastic could be commercially available in just 5 years from now.

Source: Telegraph, TreeHugger