Puma’s new F1 car is Nothing More than Shoeboxes

February 22, 2010 / No Comments

cardboard puma f1 car Pumas new F1 car is Nothing More than Shoeboxes

Puma’s been doing some interesting things lately, like the cool solar phone it unveiled at the Mobile World Congress, or this brand new F1 car. This one won’t run, let alone provide a decent competition those “real” Formula 1 cars, but it is quite an eye catcher.

This Formula 1 car is made entirely using Puma shoe boxes, which would have otherwise been consigned to the garbage heap, even if they were in a perfectly good condition. The huge waste that occurs with with discarding of such boxes is a worry, and it’s always nice to see them being put to good use.

This car was made by UK based The Wilson Brothers, and serves as a nod to Puma’s relation with the world of motor sports. These brothers (Oscar, Ben and Luke) each have a special expertise that they have added to this project. The car is on display at the new Puma store in Chicago.

Source: Designboom, Toxel