Low Energy Cellular Network to Expand Reach

February 24, 2010 / No Comments

solar cellular networks Low Energy Cellular Network to Expand Reach

Cellular Networks are an essential part of modern lifestyle, but at the same time, they are responsible for very high emissions. That said, cellular networks play an important role in communications, and countries which haven’t yet been able to have a decent wired network, now provide access to cellular networks for millions of people. Expanding cellular networks to such areas would mean increased emissions and costs, but VNL, a company based in India has a decent solution to the problem.

The company has managed to create GSM base stations that require only 50 – 150Watts of power, which can easily be supplied by solar cells. Assembly and mounting of the components requires only two people and can be completed in six hours, and be ready to serve hundreds of people. Not only is this cost effective for the companies, but also a lot more environment friendly and a great way to serve rural areas.

There are a few units installed in India, and the company now plans to head for Africa. These stations provide basic calling facilities, but cannot handle texts. Not a problem, say company executives, because most of the target mobile phone consumers are illiterate!

Source: Technology Review, Planet Green