Honda to Unveil the 3R-C Concept at Geneva Motor Show

February 25, 2010 / No Comments

honda 3rc concept Honda to Unveil the 3R C Concept at Geneva Motor Show

The Geneva Motor Show has a history of being the stage for some of the coolest automobile concepts, and this year is no different. Amongst the concepts that will be on show at Geneva, is Honda’s tiny little three wheeler called 3R-C. The name is quite self explanatory, the concept is a three wheeled vehicle drawing juice from a battery.

There’s only room for a single person in the vehicle, and as marketing-speak goes, Honda calls it a revolutionary three-wheel vehicle that shows the future minimal urban transport. A number of independant designers/ design students have earlier thrown up similar concepts, but this is probably the first time a major automaker has displayed interest in such designs.
honda 3rc concept2 Honda to Unveil the 3R C Concept at Geneva Motor Show

The concept’s electric drivetrain is mounted low for stability, and when the vehicle is in motion, the canopy functions more like a windshield to protect the driver. The boot area lies in front of the driver, while a flexible cover that sorrounds the upper torso provides more comfort and safety to the driver.

Source: Autoblog

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