Design Students put Forward a Fuel-Cell Powered BMW Bike Concept

March 1, 2010 / No Comments

bmw motorcycle concept Design Students put Forward a Fuel Cell Powered BMW Bike Concept

In the quest for low emission vehicles, BMW is one automaker that has stuck for long with the idea of using Hydrogen to power automobiles. BMW’s vision centered around using liquid hydrogen for internal combustion engines, the idea from design students at the ISD of Valenciennes (France), however, goes in a slightly different direction.

BMW HP Kunst, as the motorcycle concept is called, uses hydrogen fuel cell for power. The concept has a 20-liter cryogenic cylinder to hold hydrogen sitting where the engine would normally be. The hydrogen fuel cell works with a lithium polymer battery for energy storage, and supply power to a 100 kilowatt electric motor.

The motorcycle has single-sided swing arms front and rear, making it look like a cafe racer, if only slightly. This motorcycle exists only as a rendering, with almost no chances of seeing production ever. The same however, cannot be said about fuel cell vehicles, they will be on the streets within a few years.

Source: Autoblog, Fast Company