Juice Boxes Recycled to Create Lamps

March 2, 2010 / No Comments

loxolop 1 Juice Boxes Recycled to Create Lamps

The Loxolop lamp flows across a number of artistic boundaries. It is inspired by origami and biomorphism, takes on a great shape as a lamp, and best of all, it is made using waste paper from a juice carton factory. Getting the lamp to work, however, won’t be an easy thing. There’s an element of complexity in the lamp which would require the users to exercise their brains a bit and put the two complex shape together. As a reward, the lamp does take on beautiful shapes.

Loxolop is an idea from Dutch visual artist Ebére Groenouwe, who works hard on these handmade lamps. Quite interestingly, the shape of the lamp helps reflect diffuse light into the room, without making obvious the looks of a hotspot.
loxolop 2 Juice Boxes Recycled to Create Lamps
The designer sells these lamps for 40 Euros, and when that unique shape comes added with some environment goodness, the price seems quite reasonable.

Source: Core77, TreeHugger