Sweden Set to Build 2000 Wind Turbines in Ten Years

March 2, 2010 / No Comments

capt.photo 1267543076263 1 0 Sweden Set to Build 2000 Wind Turbines in Ten Years

Sweden is set to build 2000 new wind turbines during the next ten years, as a part of its project aimed at dramatically increasing the country’s production of renewable energy – this was all revealed in a statement by Enterprise and Energy Minister Maud Olofsson on Tuesday.

According to him, Sweden’s prospects for increasing the production of renewable energy are extremely good, especially when you consider burning biofuels, cogeneration plants, as well as windpower.

The country will build 2000 new turbines, which will use the size that’s common today – and the project will be finished before 2020. Sweden will also expand its use of other sources of renewable energy, such as biofuel and solar power, which should increase its output from such sources by at least 25 TWh.

Sweden currently gains about 20 percent of its total power production from renewable sources, and its aim is to increase this production to 50 percent – not a bad goal, considering the importance of renewable energy nowadays.

[ Via Yahoo! Green ]