Europe to See Lots of Hybrid Models Soon

March 5, 2010 / No Comments

hybrid promo 610x457 Europe to See Lots of Hybrid Models Soon

While hybrids were growing in popularity in the US, there was little interest from Europe’s side, where diesel engines remained popular for quite a while. However, looking at the 2010 Geneva auto show, this may very well change soon.

From Toyota, we have two hatchback hybrids, of which one is under its own brand, while the other one is a Lexus – and both are based on the Prius power train, which has proved to be very successful. Other displays of hybrids were made by BMW and Audi, showing luxury sedan models – although they were still in a concept phase. On the other hand, their feature lists indicate that they’re pretty much ready for production.

Chevrolet is also developing steadily, showcasing its Volt model, while the Ampera by Opel drove 300 miles from Germany to Switzerland, which was a publicity stunt meant to show how practical it is.

One may wonder though, where does this sudden interest in hybrids come from in European manufacturers? Well, the upcoming new regulations on gas emissions may be a pretty good reason.

[ Via CNET ]