Food-Borne Diseases Cost the US $152 Billion Annually

March 5, 2010 / No Comments

s PRODUCE large Food Borne Diseases Cost the US $152 Billion Annually

E. coli and salmonella, as well as other food-borne diseases, are costing the US $152 billion every year in health care and other losses, as indicated by a report which was released this Wednesday by a food safety group.

The US Senate is currently considering a legislation which would make governments inspect food manufacturers more strictly, and it’ll also give the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) increased power, including the ability to order recalls.

The estimated affected consumers anually are 76 million, of which hundreds of thousands are hospitalized, and there are roughly 5000 fatal cases. Some of the most recent outbreaks have lead to the recall of peanuts, spinache and peppers in large quantities.

The conclusion from all this, according to Sandra Eskin, director of Pew Charitable Trusts’ food safety campaign, is that this is a very good demonstration of how food-borne diseases affect our society and why they must be fought at all cost. It’s definitely good that the government is looking to move in this direction, and we’re eager to see the results of their actions soon.

[ Via HuffingtonPost ]