Texas Sets a new Record in Wind Power Generation

March 8, 2010 / No Comments

texas wind power record Texas Sets a new Record in Wind Power Generation

Texas has the largest wind power generation capacity in the USA, with nearly 9,410 megawatts available, leaving it’s nearest competition Iowa far behind, which has wind power generation capacity of 3,870 megawatts. And it appears that the installed capacity is being put to good use. On February 28, the state set a record with wind power electricity generation at 6,242 megawatts for the ERCOT grid. The record didn’t stay on long and was again broken on March 5, with a peak of 6,272 megawatts. The figures are only for the ERCOT, and do not take into account the power that may have generated at the Panhandle part as that goes to another grid.

Nevertheless, these figures show that nearly 19% electricity requirements of the state were provided by wind power, if only for a short duration of time. These spikes in energy generation also put forth the need for a viable storage and transmission system for wind power. Often, the spikes prompt shutting down of the turbines, or even paying consumers to use electricity. A storage system, would make the use of this energy more viable.

Source: TreeHugger