Two Solar Panel Companies to Provide Cheap Solutions

March 8, 2010 / No Comments

0310Solarhome Two Solar Panel Companies to Provide Cheap Solutions

Two companies that provide solar power systems have decided to expand the availability of solar leases with no down payments. The company Sungevity has just launched a new 10-year residential solar lease, which has no upfront costs.

The fee covers absolutely all costs related to maintenance, monitoring, cleaning as well as insurance of the panels, and the company has also made some changes to the way it operates with its customers.

It now provides the proposals for solar systems to their customers within 24 hours, regardless what day of the week it is, and now they’re using satellite maps instead of personal visits to the homes in order to odesign the systems. They also have consultants available 12 hours a day.

The other company, TXU Energy, are delivering solar power to Texas residents, making it possible via a partnership with SolarCity. Again, there’s no upfront cost for the lease, and it’s all covered by a monthly fee, which comes down to approximately $35, according to the company itself.

[ Via GreenBiz ]