South Korea Brings Inductive Charging to Roads, Powers Vehicles

March 9, 2010 / No Comments

south korea electric system South Korea Brings Inductive Charging to Roads, Powers Vehicles

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology is making use of a new form of road, and public transport to travel. Such roads and vehicles have shown up in a number of designs and concepts, but this appears to be the largest application of the technology. Basically, roads are paved with recharging strips that transfer electric energy to the vehicles passing over them.

The charging is done without any direct connection with wires, and the goal is achieved through magnetic connections, or as it is more commonly known, inductive charging. These strips are several meters in length and are placed along lanes and roads that lead up to intersections. As vehicles slow down over these points, “microchargers” are injected into them. These microchargers are much more efficient than the conventional charging process, and can charge the vehicles quicker.

The university is already making use of four prototype buses, and is in talks with the city of Seoul for implementation of the system. Electric vehicles can be made more efficient as they charge up quickly, and have to carry lesser weight in batteries.

Source: Reuters