Fundraising Initiative for UK Schools Counts big on Recycling

March 10, 2010 / No Comments

With the UK government moving to cut £500m across education, many schools may be left short of cash. It is with a view to provide funds for schools, that the Support Your School fundraising initiative is moving. And it has rather green ways to approach the issue. The initiative intends to raise £5 million through the recycling and reuse of inkjet cartridges and mobile phones.

UK School Fundraising Initiative for UK Schools Counts big on Recycling

According to recent figures, nearly 35 million inkjet cartridges are disposed in the UK each year. That’s nearly 28,000 tons of plastic and e-waste for the landfills every year. It is estimated that up to 70% of these cartridges could be reused for up to four more times, without having to touch the landfill at all. The plan is to reduce the number of such cartridges ending up into the landfills by roughly 10%.

Participating schools would be paid £1 for each reusable inkjet cartridge, and £3 for each reusable mobile phone. A number of celebrities have come up in support of the eco friendly initiative, which really does sound worthwhile.